Giving Thanks this Thanksgiving

It’s high time for me to spend time to thank God for all the blessings He gave me in this season of my life. Hindi naman Pinoy holiday ang Thanksgiving pero hayaan niyo na kong magpaka-Kano tutal naman ngayon ko ramdam ang holiday kasi di naman affected ng local and national holidays ang work ko.


Isipikingof work, the first item on my list is exactly that. I thank God for my job. I know this may sound funny pero I am so glad to be part of the immortal workforce – the night owls. I’m not a morning person so I’m really really glad that I am able to use my being nocturnal in this job. I love the silence of the evenings – there is a sense of peace when I slave away while the rest of the world is sleeping. It also keeps my mind off sad stuff which tend to flood my thoughts when I toss and turn on my bed on the rare weekend evenings I spend at home. I thank God that I have a job. I thank God for this job. Most importantly, I thank God for the people I have the privilege to work with. In the eight months I spent with them, I grew to love every single one of them. All of us have our quirks and qualms, our strengths and weaknesses, our tempers and temptations – but somehow, we manage to work together well. I learned a lot from all of them. Sadly, one lesson must be learned now more than ever – the art of letting go. Soon, we will be like dandelion flufffs scattered in the wind, each one heading towards a different direction in a different pace. Some have already gone for their wind has taken them somewhere else, and soon enough, we will all lose the opportunity to call ourselves teammates or workmates. But I firmly believe that somehow, in that span of time that we were together, we’ve built some friendships that are bound to last for life.


I also thank God for the privilege to teach. When I was a kid, I swore that I will never EVER grow up to be a teacher. Now, there’s nothing that I’m more passionate about than the chance to have a hand in how some young people are molded to be better versions of themselves. Teaching college kids can require more than the patience I am born with, but it’s a challenge I took on without any hesitation. I am not sure if I really am called to teach, but I sure as hell can try. By the way, I refuse to be called a professor. I don’t aim to just profess. I want to teach. Call me teacher.


I thank God for my family. We could very well be in the running for the “weirdest family ever” award but I wouldn’t trade them for anything or anyone else. We shout at each other, we fight, we get frustrated at each other, but all that is because we want each other to be better – to grow. My family is loud, but that’s because we love with a passion. My family is composed of very emotional people, but that’s just evidence that we do not hide or cover up our true nature. We may be loudmouths, but we are not liars. In the midst of tempestuous tides and torrential downpours, tears, fears, and jeers from enemies, we stand as one. 


More than anything else, I thank God for who He is. I am grateful for everything He’s done, but it is for who He is that I stand amazed. His character, His power, and His great love – it’s overwhelming that He lets me call Him my Abba. I thank Him because even in my darkest hour, I know He is with me – not because I am any kinder or nicer than anyone else, but solely because of who He is. He cannot betray His nature. That’s the one thing He cannot do. He cannot, for He will not, forsake me. Yes, things have been rough and tough, but His grace is more than enough. Soli Deo gloria.


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